Friday, April 15, 2016

{Life Lessons} the Book of Ruth

It was after 9pm on a school night and Ella (age 9) came downstairs for who-knows-what.  I'm just about to walk her back upstairs when my bible catches her eye. "Ooh! Mom! Can I borrow your bible?" She said, excitedly. "Excited" definitely wasn't what I was in the mood for- I just wanted this girl in bed. But I couldn't usher her upstairs and ignore a request like this, no matter what time it was. "Of course you can," I said in my sweetest, but calmer voice- hoping she'd get the hint to take it down a notch or two. "Okay, I need to read the Book of Ruth." And she starts flipping, looks at the tabs and says "how do you do this?" I give her a quick explanation of the tabs and tell her she needs to find the letters RTH. I can tell this isn't going to be quick and I say, "I'd be happy to help you look it up tomorrow." Of course she was determined and continued to look through the tabs. "Okay, honey, I'll meet you upstairs," I said as I'm already walking up the stairs, hoping she'd just follow me. A few minutes later she came up, jumped into bed and I kissed her goodnight. Again. She didn't say anything else about it. I walked downstairs and found my bible open with the ribbon marking the page for the Book of Ruth. My heart filled with affection for this little girl and her growing love for Jesus...I could clearly see His role in this. Somehow I suddenly knew it was meant for me. I was supposed to read about this lovely woman whose heart was committed to trusting God, a woman whom exuded positivity and did what she could, where she was, and with what she had. Sounds like my kind of girl. I want to be just like her. I want to be Ruth for Ella so that she, too, may become Ruth. Now, that's a pretty big lesson for 9pm on a school night. Sure glad I didn't miss it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

{Creating} Hope for Cambodia

I have a dear friend, Marti, whom I believe is a walking, talking, earth-bound angel. Five years ago, she began a fundraiser called Creating Hope for Cambodia in order to keep kids in school past the 5th grade and out of sex trafficking. Marti has made several mission trips to Cambodia and has seen in person the poverty and the desperate need for help. Keeping kids in school saves their lives. Period. And guess what?  I want in! I want to save lives...I want to use my gifts to be God's hands and feet in order to help. Two years ago, I donated art pieces and last year I helped put together jars of coconut oil scented with essential oils... but little voice inside my head kept urging: "There's more you can do." I answered that call; I made a personal commitment to design a piece of art just for the fundraiser. Then I verbally commited my idea to Marti and to God. I just knew with His love and support, I could make this really special.  And here we are almost a year later and I'm happy to share what I have come up with, using Creating Hope for Cambodia's theme verse: Seek Justice. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. Micah 6:8. 
Designing this piece has been an amazing journey. It has strengthened my relationship with the Lord. I prayed for the talent and the confidence to pursue my commitment. I didn't get it right with the first two pieces that I designed. He urged me to keep going. When I prayed that I didn't want to let Him down...I heard His voice in my head "My child, you could never let me down."  His love and support is undeniable. 

 I couldn't wait to show Marti! We had met two weeks earlier and I showed her the two pieces I had designed. I told her then that I knew those weren't right. I knew I could do better. This time I was sure I had it right. I was sure she would agree. Oh, and she did! The tears in her eyes and the goose bumps on her skin told me so. Now, He's provoded me with the confidence I prayed for.

Now for the next step: having this piece professionally printed to have multiples to sell at the fundraiser. This was the hard part. Designing this piece took my time, which I gave happily, but now I needed money to pay for the scanning and to pay for the prints. So, I prayed. I sold some of my kids' clothes and came up with $56. Then I asked John, at Rochester Framing and Fine Art Printing if he would consider donating the cost of the scan, which would have been $50. He said YES!! Just like that, YES!! Then my order from that day was $50 even...I had that in my pocket from the clothes. What?! Oh, yes, my friends, HE WILL PROVIDE. It came time to pick up my prints and pay my balance and I was feeling pretty good about things; my mom had won $50 dollars the week before and sent me half and I was putting that directly toward the prints. I was already feeling so blessed and grateful and then Valerie, co-owner with John, said, "you had a $25 credit from last February."  Oh my goodness! I tried not to get choked up, but I managed to tell her that I had just come from bible study at church and the ladies and I had just praised God for donation that John had so generously given. He has provided once again. 

My heart is so full. This journey has been an honor. The prints are gorgeous- I coudn't be happier with them. These babies are priced to sell! I will have 4x6 prints ($10 each), 2 framed prints ($20 each) and gray-stained wood blocks with the print adhered ($12 each). This print will only be available at this fundraiser.

My artwork is just one of many handmade items available at the fundraiser. I have full intentions of purchasing many Chirstmas gifts there! From baked goods to knitted items to jewelry and tutus, there's a little something for everyone.


Creating Hope for Cambodia
Saturday, November 14, 2015
Christ Community Church
4400 55th Street NW 55901

Come early! Its just a 4 hour sale and items sell very quickly!
Please see Creating Hope for Cambodia's Facebook page for more info and pictures of the handmade items as they come in!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A King Is Born {Original ART}

I'm so excited to announce the re-release of my artistic interpretation of The Nativity, called "A King Is Born." It's a mixed-media piece using the actual story of The Nativity from the book pages of a vintage children's Christmas book.  This artwork is a lovely reminder of the birth of our King and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He's "the reason for the season," not only at Christmas time, but all year round.  This is the art piece I hold dearest to my heart; I am so proud to share the story of the Son of God and with you. 

Last year, I was both blessed and humbled by the reaction to this art piece. Within minutes of posting it on Facebook, I was recieving orders and crowds (okay maybe not crowds!) were forming at Dwell Local to make their purchase! My heart fills with gratitude just thinking about it. 

This year, I'm going for bigger and better! In addition to archival, (gorgeous!) textured prints from the great folks at Rochester Framing and Fine Art Printing, I am bouncing in my seat with anticipation to offer what I am calling "semi-orginals."  The semi-orginal begins with a print of my artwork which is then cut and adhered to a gray stained, cradled wood box. Creating art on these wood boxes is what I feel makes my art stand out. I am thrilled to offer my Nativity as it was originally meant to be! The semi-orginals will be offered in sizes 11"x14"x 2" and 10"x9"x1.5".

If you prefer the framed version or just the print itself, those are available as well! Like last year, there will be prints in sizes 8"x10" and 11"x14" and new for this year: 5"x7". Oh, the choices! Irresistable, right?! 

I bet you're wondering when and where to get yours:

Beginning Sunday, November 15, 2015  at 10am, "The King is Born" will be available at Dwell Local (602 7th Street NW, Rochester MN 55901) 

Even better (wink-wink) I'll be there from 10am-2pm for a "meet and greet" and open house. I can't wait to meet you!

P.S. Last year these sold very quickly! If you'd like to pre-order, please do! I'd especially recommend it if you would like more than one for gift-giving. Please email me: or message me on Facebook: Amber Wise Engelhardt. 

Choices and Pricing:
Wood Boxes:
11"x14"x2": $65
9"x10"x1.5": $55

Framed Prints (frame styles will vary):
8"x10": $45
5"x7": $35

Prints (packaged in cellophane sleeve with cardboard backing)
11"x14": $40
8"x10": $30
5"x7": $15

                                  Take Delight in the Lord and He will give you the Desires of your Heart
                                                                               Psalm 37:4

Friday, July 24, 2015

Coloring Book {ART}

When I was a kid, if I wasn't reading a book, I was coloring in one. I even brought coloring books with me to college! Now, as a mom of two kiddos, the only coloring books I've colored in are theirs. I've always been a bit of a "coloring book snob,"  preferring the ones with crisp, white pages.  They weren't always easy to come by, especially in themes I'd be interested in as an adult...until recently! Adult coloring books are the newest craze! The choices are incredible- anything you can imagine: mandalas, doodles, folk art, circus, cute to realistic, etc. Better yet, the majority are crisp, white pages. Irresistible. And let me tell you, these things are everywhere! My favorite places to find them locally (Rochester, mn) are Tangerine Gift store, downtown in the peace plaza and The ABC Toy Zone, in the miracle mile shopping center. Of course, they can also be found at your local big-box craft and book stores.

One of the reasons adult coloring coloring books are so popular is because it meditative; you can get lost in it like a good book. Your heart rate calms, your breathing evens, your head clears...can you imagine?! Sold yet?! Well, the second reason coloring is popular is it's cheap! You can easily start this hobby for less than $15. You don't need fancy, expensive crayons or pencils, good ol' Crayola works great! The most important thing is to choose a coloring book that will keep your interest through 30 or so pages. If you don't like the design, you won't enjoy coloring it. I think it's important to take some time to really look through the choices of coloring books, to find one that speaks to you. Is the paper a texture you like? What about the size and how it opens up? Can you picture yourself coloring in this book? Do you LOVE it?!

I really took a lot of time finding my coloring books. I may not be investing a lot of money into these, but I am investing my time coloring them- so they need to be 'just right'. Like, "I can't leave this store without this coloring book in my hands 'just right'."  Also, I had treated myself to Derwent colored pencils this past Christmas and I've never once used them!  (I wouldn't want to insult my quality pencils by choosing something second rate, right?!) The first book I chose is chock-full of folk art designs, surprise, surprise! Actually, the surprise for me was that the artist of this coloring book, Lisa Congdon, is an artist whose art I have admired for some time.  I didn't realize that until I got home, it was the cherry on top! 

Coloring the first page in a brand new coloring book, with brand new colored pencils was a little intimidating. I reminded myself not to over-think things- to JUST START. The is my advice to you: JUST START!  If you are thinking, then you're mind isn't free. It's amazing how something so simple can bring a sense of peace to your day.

Feeling peaceful means I've cleared all the clutter in my head, I've  moved aside the worry. And guess what? Now I have room something even more important: gratitude. I've stepped back from the chaos and now I can feel grateful for all of the things that brought the chaos in the first place. But now it doesn't feel like chaos- it feels like life; a life that I love. Yep, all that from a coloring book.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Life is Sweet {BackyardART CLASS}

I am so excited to announce my next BackyardART class: Life Is Sweet! It's a bakery themed mixed media project I've designed for girls ages 8 and up. In this 4-hour class, we will make 10 pages of art using scrapbook paper, vintage sheet music, scissors, glue sticks, white paint pens and doodle markers. 

We will design cakes, cupcakes, ice cream and quotes using a mouth-watering color palette of soft pink, Kraft, teal, black white and grey.  Each child will sketch and cut out their own designs from patterned paper and then glue the pieces onto a piece of 6"x9" Kraft card stock, using a technique called paper-piecing. 

Your child will also make four cupcake cards along with two adorable pocket-pages to store them in!

After gluing our designs, we will add details using a white paint pen and a black, fine point doodle pen.

Finally, we will bind all of our pages into its very own book, using binder rings. We'll add some "sprinkles and a cherry on top" with ribbon and lace that we'll tie to the rings.

I just know the girls will be so proud of their creations! Everything they learn in class can easily be done at home. In order to encourage them to create, I will send them home with their glue stick and doodle marker! 
What: "Life Is Sweet" BackyardART class with Amber Engelhardt
Who: Girls, ages 8 and up
When: Sunday, August 9, 2015. 1-5pm
Where: my house:Rochester, MN

Cost: $50
4 hour instruction
All supplies needed
10 pages of art, including 4 cards with enveloped and two pocket pages, all bound together.
Sweet treat and bubbly punch 
Take home gluestick and doodle marker

Please pre-register by August 1, 2015.
You may pay at drop off for the class.

To register, please leave a comment below with your daughter's name and age and your email and I'll contact you. Or email me at

I can't tell you how excited I am- and so is my 8 year old, Ella. This is sure to an awesome art party! Hope you can join us!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Garden {ART}

A while back, someone gave be these tall, skinny windows (below) and I put them straight into my garden just as they were, knowing someday I'd do "something" with them. Two summers later, that "something" finally came to me: permanent "chalkboard" art with doodled flowers would be such a cute background in my garden!

It's so cute just doodled, but the artist in me was dying to color it in AND so were my 5 and 8 year olds! I did the doodling ahead of time and picked our color palette... To be honest, I even picked which color went where (I had a vision and had to go with it!) The kids didn't mind that at all, they were just thrilled to take part.

We spent a couple hours outside painting; it was just as I had hoped it would be! No fighting or complaining just awesome art time with my kiddos. They painted the flowers while I worked on some of the leaves and occasionally I'd help them with a second coat of color. I was careful to stay within their colored lines, so not to "fix it"- the imperfect paint job is exactly what I'll treasure in the future.

We purposely left a few details unpainted to keep that doodled chalkboard look. The kids were so proud of themselves and I was so excited to put these one-of-a-kind masterpieces into my garden. I finished them off with two coats of U-V clear matte spray paint to protect them from the sun and weather. 

After posting pics on FB, I had a few inquiries about making these to sell, which lead me to another creative ah-ha moment- let's make it a class! Each family will make their own treasured window art! AND I'll make it easy: I'll provide the windows, prepped and ready and all of the supplies. I'll even take care of the mess! Sounds perfect, right?!

Where: My backyard: Rochester, MN (I'll send you my address once you register)
When: Monday, July 13, 2015 
           12:30pm- 3:30pm
Cost: $60/ window (one person or group/ family (at least one adult please) 

Class includes everything you need to make your window art. The windows will be prepped with two coats of chalkboard paint ahead of time. As a class I will teach you how to do your doodles- (don't worry, we will practice first on paper!) You will doodle with a paint pen and before you know it, you'll be painting away! We will use the same color palette that I used on my windows. Finally, we'll spray paint a final protective clear coat and you will have beautiful new art work for your garden!

Please pre-register by Saturday July 11, 2015, either by messaging me on facebook (Amber Wise Engelhardt) or leave a comment below with your info. I will confirm all details on Sunday July 12. You may pay at the time of the class. 

I have supplies for 6 families, but if there is more interest, I may add a second date- so if you are interested and this date does not work for you, please message me. Also, if you are interested in just the window with doodles, ready to paint, but not wanting to take the class- send me a message about that, too! 
This is so exciting, I can't wait!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Having a {Moment}

So many wonderful things are happening right now and I'm dizzy with creative inspiration! Next Monday, I'm hosting a girls night at dwell local for my friends and I've been busy making art with them in mind. Lots of little pieces with bright colors and spring flowers, each with it's own "happy word," like "lovely" and "renew."
 When you have a creative brain like mine, it bounces from idea to idea and before I know it, I've created my own little coordinated collection of mixed media art.
Ever get an idea from Pinterest and just have to make it- immediately? Banners similar to these ones (tracyBdesigns on caught my eye and I HAD to make some to coordinate with my art- immediately. I quickly dug through Ella's fabric scraps from her sewing stash and grabbed the canvas banners (which were already made) and then stamped my words on pieces of canvas ribbon and started to sew- immediately.
I didn't waste any time over-thinking things. I just dove in and it was done so quickly- less than an hour. Now that's immediate! 
So, now I'm over-flowing with banner ideas. Can't wait to pull out Ella's little sewing machine and get to work!